Ruddington infant and Girls School pre WW1

What's On Display

Snapshots from history

At the Village Museum, we like to think we do things are a little bit differently. Museums aren't just about learning; they're also about having fun and enjoying shared family experiences. You won't find masses of display cases or labels at the Village Musuem, but a small, inimate space where you can appreciate the items on display at close hand and learn about their history and social significance.

The phrase 'social history' is enough to send shivers through many a heart; suffice to say the Village Museum brings a series of exclamations of 'Granny had one of those' from visitors as they spot flat irons, and hobbin' irons, and tins of iron jelliods.

If you can persuade Granny to accompany you, she will probably tell you, as you visit the fish and chip shop, dairy, ironmongers, cobblers, pharmacy and toy shop, where she bought all these wonderful items, and how much they cost, and why nobody ever threw anything away.

The museum might even find a cabinet large enough to put Granny on permanent display and relieve you of the obligation to look after her in her old age.