Can you spot the mole?

Activities for Children

It's all fun and games

Ruddington Village Museum is a fun place for children of all ages, whether visiting as part of a school trip or having a fun family day out. Aside from all the exciting things to see, there are also plenty of interesting things to do:

Visiting the museum is a great experience to share with you friends. So if you belong to a group of brownies, beavers, cubs or rainbows, why not ask your leader to arrange a visit for you all?

The Mole Hunt

At the time of the last census, conducted in early 2013, there was a family of 12 moles living in and amongst the museum displays. As some of the moles have found very cosy places to live, hidden well away from sight, there is a set of clues in verse form to help visitors as they hunt. Children who successfully complete the mole trail by spotting all the moles (and avoid getting bitten) receive a certificate and a mystery prize. Adults who complete the mole trail tend to get rather quizzical looks from fellow visitors.

More moles to find