The Red Heart, Ruddington c 1890

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the museum accessible?

The museum has ramped access for wheelchair users and the displays are fully accessible. There is a disabled parking space immediately outside the museum entrance and four others within 100 yards. St Peter's Rooms has a wheelchair accessible toilet which, beacuse of the constraints of a listed building, is not 21st century in desing, but offers a high level WC with assistance grab rails and an emergency alarm system. If you would like to contact us in advance of your visit we will ensure that appropriate volunteers are on duty to ensure you get the maximum possible enjoyment from your time at the museum.

Can you help with research enquiries?

The museum holds copies of Ruddington’s parish records, census records and municipal burial records, together with photographic and ephemera collections. If you are carrying out family or local history research and would like access to this material please contact the museum to make an appointment. Please note we have a limited capacity to answer research enquiries for those unable to visit the museum but will endeavour to offer assistance wherever possible.

Do you accept group visits?

We are happy to accommodate group visits either during or outside of our usual opening hours.

What is the man doing up the ladder?

This is one question we can't answer, though we've been asked it often enough. The photograph was donated to the museum in 1970 and has puzzled us ever since. It's referred to as 'man up ladder outside the Red Heart' and dates from circa 1890. The location is little changed, but it seems the reason for the group's antics may remain a mystery.

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